The Corona affects many branches everywhere including real estate but it also offers some great opportunities. What are the consequences for real estate in Kyrgyzstan.


With the disappearance of tourism, many homeowners lose their income, in Kyrgyzstan there are no safety net schemes such as in the Netherlands, which forces people to sell their house. For some it will be more necessary than for others and that offers fantastic opportunities for investors. Because tourism will pick up again, if not this year or next year, it is only a matter of time and for those who have the space and patience, this is the time to invest.

Income falls by 100%, house prices fall by allready 25%, without any safety net schemes, the longer the Corona pandemic will lasts, the harder the house prices will fall, making it even more interesting to invest in real estate now.


It is possible for everyone to invest in Kyrgyz real estat, for locals it is now a fantastic time to rent or buy your dream house at very favorable prices. Every day we are offered new properties for rent, sale and investment at rock bottom prices. Most properties we offer outside the website. Contact us for our current offer, or let us know your wishes and requirements and place a search and we will find your new homey home.