Chok-Tal, is located 220 km from Bishkek, directly on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. Here you can meet wild white swans, walk along the coast, where, instead of sand, shells and, of course, enjoy the fresh sea breeze in the shade of numerous trees.


This house is finsihed in loft style and meets all modern standards. With a wonderfully spacious living room, 3 master bedrooms, a gym, a spacious kitchen, two bathrooms whose one the ground floor, you will lack nothing inside. In addition there is an outdoor swimming pool with an amazing few on the mountains.

No matter what temperature it will be outside, inside the house it’s always a pleasent climate. Either it’s a normal 40 degrees in the summer or freezing in the winter.


The privacy-rich garden is divided into different areas. The swiming pool is situated on one side in the full sun and the veranda on the other side ensures that you can sit outside as well in drizzly weather or bright sun and enjoy the meal prepared in the outdoor kitchen. On the area there is enough secured private parking place for multiple cars.